New products with olive oil

Kriton Artos New Products with Olive Oil

A new range of innovative frozen dough products has been created by Kriton Artos –a company founded in 2004 and producing traditional Cretan pastries– and is expected to hit super market shelves sometime within the month. It is a “revolutionary” patented product line which, according to the head of the Cretan company, Mr Manolis Damianakis, will impress consumers in Greece as well as around the world.

Mr Damianakis explains that, “after extensive research and testing for about 1.5 years, we have been able to create pies without the use of margarine or butter, but with the use of the Cretan rusk recipe, with wholegrain flour and olive oil.” Namely, three new flavors will be launched for the first time in Anuga 2019:

  • 4 cheeses, with a mixture of Graviera, Feta and Anthotiro cheese
  • Fresh greens, with a mixture of spinach, spiny chicory, fennel etc.
  • Mediterranean, with lean apaki (smoked pork meat), sausage in vinegar, pepper, tomato