Nirra: Premium honeys with gold!

Nirra honey producer

Five luxurious raw honey varieties in one box. Nirra, a company based in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, has launched a detachable package with 5 compact jars so that consumers can enjoy its unique honeys on the spot or offer them to their beloved ones as the utmost manifestation of the nature’s opulence.
The gift box features high-end delicatessen honey from chestnut, pine, forest and wild oak trees. In addition, two out of the five jars of the collection are infused with 24k edible gold to further enhance the premium value of the gift.

Nirra in a nutshel

Nirra is a newly founded company devoted to the passion and love for super premium quality honey. The company’s mission is to produce a very distinctive palette of flavors for its honey varieties in a unique packaging.
The company produces four super premium quality kinds of honey: Forest honey, Pine honey, Chestnut Honey, Wild Oak Honey, collected from nearly untouched forests in northern Greece.
The brand’s symbol is the golden bear, an homage to the bears of northern Greece –one of the largest bear populations in southern Europe.