Olympos receives 2 Monde Selection awards


Olympos, one of Greece’s leading dairy firms established in 1965 in Larissa, recently won two international awards that reflect the unparalleled taste and nutritional value of its products. Namely, the Olympos Peach Mountain Iced Tea and the Carpos Almond Plum and Oat almond-based dessert, received a Gold and Silver award, respectively by the Brussels-based, renowned Monde Selection International Quality Institute. The products were evaluated at sensory, scientific and legal level by an 80-strong committee of experts based on their organoleptic characteristics and international standards.

The Monde Selection Quality Institute

Monde Selection, The International Quality Institute was founded in Brussels almost 60 years ago and acquired a unique expertise in evaluating the quality of the culinary, health and beauty culture all over the world. Through the judgment of its international and renown experts, the Institute highlights the quality of consumer products with unique quality labels.
Monde Selection distinguishes itself by being the only Quality Institute that offers a global evaluation of consumer products. Every year, hundreds of evaluation sessions are organized during which the juries take the time to taste and analyse each product individually without comparing one to another. To guarantee a fair judgment of products, the Institute experts always keep in mind the origin and target market of the product.

Not just another dairy brand

Olympos is dedicated to offering top quality products that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. The company is oriented towards producing products from Greek raw materials, safeguarding Greek primary production and reinforcing Greek producers. The quality and safety of the products is reflected at all the stages of the production process; more specifically, in the careful collection of the fresh, raw milk and its processing, in the totally hygienic packaging and the optimum storage conditions, offering consumers high quality products.

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