Organic EVOO with Greek mountain tea

Organic EVOO with mountain tea

Olympus Farmstead, a company based in Katerini, northern Greece, and active in the production, packaging and marketing of fine aromatic plants, has created the first organic extra virgin olive oil naturally flavored with Olympus mountain tea, in the world.
The olive oil used is superior quality, monovarietal, from 100% Koroneiki olives, while the mountain tea comes from the company’s special variety that grows on Mt. Olympus in Greece, at a 1,000m altitude, which is the ideal environment for the normal development of aromatic herbs.

A few words about Olympus Farmstead

Olympus Farmstead was founded in 2017 in Katerini, in the prefecture of Pieria, with the aim of producing, packaging and marketing exceptional, top tier quality aromatic herbs. The company’s crops consist of Olympus tea (sideritis scardica) and Greek oregano (oregano vulgaris), and are located at a high altitude (1,000m).
Olympus Farmstead’s aim is to achieve maximum quality of products through best practices and the traditional way of collecting herbs, focusing on all operations carried out with respect to man and nature and ensuring the high quality of the rare herbs of Mount Olympus while highlighting their beneficial properties, which are an important link of the Mediterranean diet.
Extensive research, experience and know how allow the company to constantly evolve, with the goal of meeting the daily nutritional needs of modern consumers at an international level. The result is the creation of products that combine quality with innovation, in the context of a healthy and balanced diet.