Organic balsamic cider vinegar signed Chrisi Milia

Chrisi Milia Vinegar

Chrisi Milia, a family-owned company on the outskirts of Larisa, has created an organic balsamic cider vinegar as a result of experimentation with new recipes. Using carefully selected batches from the farm’s organic apple cider vinegar that are placed in oak barrels to age and, then, adding apple pezyme produced by the sweetest varieties of apples, the result is a balsamic vinegar full of flavor and unique aromas.
The Chrisi Milia balsamic cider vinegar is an organic product that does not contain preservatives, food colorings or other additives.

The company

Delis family has been dedicated for generations to the cultivation of apple trees, a tradition in the wider area of Agia, near the city of Larissa. Chrisi Milia is a family-owned business that was initially established in the ‘50s, while currently its production is focused on organic farming. It is worth noting that the microclimate and rich soil make the area ideal for the production of top quality fruit and nuts. In 2015, Chrisi Milia ushered a new era with the construction of a high standard cold storage facility, as well as a sophisticated fruit juice processing and cider vinegar production unit.