Ouzo Plomari Welcomes Summer

Ouzo Plomari

One of the best selling Greek Ouzo brands, Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis, recently presented its new campaign. According to the company’s press release, “the new campaign is a ‘poem’ that captures everything we feel when we enjoy Ouzo Plomari and the bright Greek sun, concepts that are now synonymous. Ouzo Plomari, which captures in a single glass the entire scent of summer with its unique taste, is a collage of memories, an ode to the sunny days we have experienced and the memories we want to create again this summer”.

Based on a secret recipe

There is no doubt that a superior ouzo can only be made following a great recipe. This recipe has been loyally followed for over a century; the seeds, the herbs, and the proportions are exactly the same since 1894.
The distinct flavor of Ouzo Plomari is the result of this unique recipe that Isidoros Arvanitis passed on, a recipe he guarded as a well-kept secret and entrusted to his children and grandchildren as his most precious belonging. That is how it has reached us today; from generation to generation.
Divided into two parts, respectively 2 distillations and only one person of the distillery knows each part by heart: One person knows the seeds and herbs used in the first distillation and the other, knows the seeds and herbs used in the second, creating the delicious Ouzo of Plomari so many people across the globe love to savor.


Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis has developed a significant exporting activity. Right planning, proper information and promotion and the extensive distribution network
led to Ouzo of Plomari being available in major foreign markets and today’s exports, amounting to a whopping 42 countries worldwide.