Ouzo Samara “Choris”: Traditional Greek ouzo in a No-Sugar-Added version

Ouzo Samara Choris

Samaras Distillery, one of the oldest distilleries in Greece, presents the emblematic Greek ouzo with a modern twist. The brand-new ouzo “Choris” (means without in Greek), is great in taste, without the addition of sugar or other sweeteners.

It took the distillery two whole years of tastings and recipe changes to form the new ouzo Choris, a product of 100% distillation, with Lisvori anise as its basic raw ingredient. The distillation process and the recipe leave all ingredients intact, taking advantage of the sugars naturally found in the grains and giving the end product a unique taste.

Taking into account that calories for a 40% ABV ouzo are about 310 per 100 mL, the new “Choris” provides 280 kcal per 100mL (84 kcal per 30 mL serving), which makes it a preferable choice for people looking to cut on both sugar and calories in their everyday diet.

You can enjoy its pleasant, robust nose, with notes of jasmine and black tea with bruschettas, finger food or your favorite sea food.