Paliria: The brand’s “Moussaka” lands a much-deserved Superior Taste Award

Paliria Moussaka Superior Taste Award

Paliria celebrates its first taste Award for 2023, for its famous Moussaka, at the leading international Superior Taste Awards, among the most valid international certifications for food and beverages, that take place every year in Brussels.

According to the brand’s official announcement: “We are proud that this year Paliria Greek Originals Moussaka belongs to the awarded products, proving that with the use of high quality ingredients and special care in the preparation and cooking, a ready-made meal can accumulate the exquisite taste and quality values found in the art of home cooking. This is exactly what Paliria has been doing since 1957: cooks authentic homemade Greek meals with passion for good food and respect to Greek Cuisine!”

The company’s product portfolio includes dozens of traditional and modern delicacies, which are available today in the refrigerators and on the shelves of food stores in more than 60 countries worldwide. Paliria’s “flagship” dish is the famous ‘dolmas’ in various versions, which brings a truly authentic Greek flavor to consumers’ tables around the world, offering the enjoyment of an authentic Greek culinary experience.

About International Taste Institute

The Brussels – based International Taste Institute was founded in 2005 with the scope to help consumer food & drink companies improve the quality of their products and increase their sales with the renowned Superior Taste Award certification. The Institute’s multicultural team consists of more than 20 food enthusiasts from 14 nationalities, brought together by their passion for good food, cheerful attitude, and an unmistakable drive for excellence.

Within the framework of the Institute, a committee of world-renowned chefs and sommeliers examines thousands of products from more than 100 countries and awards only the ones that meet very strict criteria in relation to taste, appearance, aroma, texture & quality.

In the words of the Institute’s people: “We love to sit down together to eat great food. Like Michelin starred chefs, we are disciplined and committed to delivering high level service to our customers. When you work with the Taste Institute, you work with foodies that mix passion with expertise, classiness with fun.”