Palirria in position to export ready meals to Germany

Palirria Pastitsio

Palirria, the leading Greek exporter of ready to eat meals and No 1 dolma producer in the world, intends to start exporting ready meals from the company’s production unit in Greece. Namely, the brand is working on a project to export its “Homemade” product range to Germany, while within 2020 a limited number of supermarkets will be put on trial for the ready meals in order to determine whether there is sufficient interest from German consumers.
The “Homemade” range of traditional Greek ready meals, which started with 5 product codes, is now up to 10 and Palirria’s main goal is to expand sales points, both in Greece and abroad. In fact, people within the company have stated that sales of the “Homemade” range –a category the company only entered in 2019– are going unexpectedly well and have exceeded expectations.

Emphasis on the Middle East market

At the same time, Palirria started operating its new plant in Jordan in November 2019, employing more than 100 people. The plant produces exclusively dolma, since the Middle East market is of particular importance for the Greek company. It is worth noting that Palirria’s share in Saudi Arabia is approximately 60% of all branded and private label products. Additionally, sales in this specific market account for 20% of total exports, while the US and Germany are also among key markets.