Piccanta French Sauce


Piccanta brand relaunches its most popular sauce, the “French Sauce Piccanta”. Inspired by the French cuisine, the French Sauce can be used in many recipes (vegan, vegetarian and meat based) with ultra-tasty results.

One can, for example, try it in a Vegan/Lenten wrapped souvlaki, as a dip for potatoes or use it as a dressing in a vegetable or a pasta salad. As for non vegan/vegeterian dishes, the French Sauce Piccanta perfectly complements any meat or chicken recipe. The product is available in professional packaging of 2Kg & 5Kg.

New Packaging

A few months ago, the company made a big move towards upgrading its brand identity by renewing the packaging of all the products. The new packaging is based on vivid colors, features a clear brand message and it highlights the brand’s heritage.

The Piccanta Dressings & Sauces company, with a strong family tradition of over 45 years (active in the Greek market since 1975), continues to consistently produce a wide range of products such as Sauces, Dressings & Dips, addressed to hotels, caterings, restaurant chains, burger places and steakhouses.