Pork sausage with leek by Argyrakis

Pork sausage with leek

Sausage and cold cut production company, Argyrakis, was founded in 1995 in Katochori Farsala, in the center of the Thessalian plain. In new 700m2 facilities, with modern mechanical equipment, qualified and scientific staff, the company is specializing in the processing and production of authentic traditional meat products, always using fresh meat and in combination with high quality herbs and spices.

The company has managed to market high quality products, tasteful creations, made with passion. Featuring a wide variety of rustic sausages, it has also expanded in the processing and production of meat products such as burgers, handmade souvlaki, gyros, kontosouvli, and many more.

One of the products reflecting the flavors of Thessaly is the traditional sausage. Using selected Greek meats, Argyrakis has created a traditional product, the Greek Sausage with Leek, made with coarsely chopped fine quality pork combined with fresh leek and spices.