Select Bakery presents the Potato Bun Scored

Potato Bun by Select Bakery

According to Greek brand Select Bakery, the hottest food trend for 2020 is none other than a bun. Not, however, an ordinary bun but one full of flavor and fluff. Meet the Potato Bun Scored, a new product with a special look, that offers a diverse and updated take on a much-loved classic. An authentic bun with a buttery texture and recipe that balances out with the addition of potato flakes and gives a gourmet twist to any sandwich! Select Bakery, with a reputation of reliability, excellent customer service and flexibility, offers its customers an upgraded product, while the impressive, scored and glazed surface of the Potato Bun Scored will give premium quality to any menu.

About Select Bakery

Select Bakery is manufacturing bakery products in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, earning its reputation with its reliability, customer service and flexibility. A wide range of bread products including 550 reference numbers produced by high capacity production lines, offers an integrated solution both for the foodservice and the retail market. Focused on top-tier quality products and excellent customer service, Select Bakery’s strongest competitive advantage is the speediness and flexibility of its distribution service, provided by a large company-owned fleet of trucks.
In addition, the company owns 25,000m2 facilities in Thessaloniki and Athens, while 15% of its total revenue comes from exports to more than 20 countries.

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