SEVGAP: Winner of the «feta battle» in Chile

Popularity of Feta Cheese in Chile

A “hard and unequal” battle was won on Tuesday, June 11 by the Association of the Greek Milk and Dairy Products Industries (SEVGAP) in Chile for the recognition of feta cheese.

As announced by SEVGAP, the Intellectual Property Organization of Chile (INAPI) accepted the objection and the argumentation of the Association against the trademark with the term “feta”, which had been submitted by the Consortium for Common Food Names of America (CCFN).

This is the second time SEVGAP wins against this giant of American interests (the previous one was in Singapore), with SEVGAP announcing that they will not hesitate to fight this battle in the United States as well.

As SEVGAP emphasizes in their announcement: “The war for securing the term Feta at a global level is long and difficult. To win it, we need to fight many such battles in every part of the world, usually with the same ruthless and asymmetrical enemy, regardless of the disguise. We will continue to do so, with the same, unwavering passion and faith in protecting this unique national heritage of ours against ANYONE who stands in the way.”