“Small Treasures of Europe” for Greek production and economy

Small treasures of Europe
Mr Pavlos Satolias, President of NEA PASEGES.

Feta from Kalavryta and Amfilochia. Graviera from Naxos and Mylopotamos, in Crete. Potatoes from Naxos. Extra virgin olive oil from Messinia in the Peloponnese, and Sitia in Crete. Xinomyzithra from Rethymno. Tomatoes and split peas from Santorini. Vostitsa Corinthian raisin from Aegialeia. Assyrtiko white wine from Santorini. Agiorgitiko red wine from the region of Nemea.
“Small treasures” from Greece, “gifts” from the country’s primary sector. The above-mentioned 16 PDO/PGI products, which are the result of the dedication and hard work of 11 agricultural cooperatives throughout Greece, are part of a virtual “basket” and ready to begin their “journey” towards Greek consumers, through “Small Treasures of Europe” campaign, which was inaugurated on Wednesday, May 19, by NEA PASEGES, the Hellenic Union of Agricultural Cooperatives.

A comprehensive program for PDO/PGI products

This program aims to promote PDO-PGI products from Greece. Greece is amongst the top PDO-PGI producing countries in Europe, with a vast array of products benefiting from these labels. The Greek PDO-PGI products are known worldwide and are strongly associated with Mediterranean and European culture: olives and olive oil, cheeses, dried fruits, are only a few examples of such products that will be promoted in this program. These products are all part of millennia-old agricultural traditions and are oftentimes cultivated in less-developed rural area, where they play a crucial role to sustain local economy.
Considering the importance –both culturally and economically– of PDO-PGI products, it is of utmost importance to increase awareness of these products in the general population. That is why this program, targeting the Greek market, is essential. Greek consumers will be the main target group, along with opinion leaders and representatives of the agricultural and HORECA sectors, to ensure a wide reach for the program. Its objective is to raise awareness about PDO-PGI by 4 points on the Greek percentage and among the target audience. This will have economical consequences, with an overall increase in sales for PDO-PGI by 10% (in volume) for Greek consumers at the end of the program.
To achieve these objectives, a mix of actions targeting consumers and professionals will be implemented, including advertising campaigns, special events and the production of promotional material.