Spaghetti Express 2’ from Eurimac

Eurimac Spaghetti Express 2'

Eurimac SA, breaks ground once more, confirming its leadership among other Greek pasta exporting companies, with the ready in 2 minutes, Spaghetti Express 2’. The company has invested funds and know-how concerning the production of the particular pasta product, utilizing its exclusive recipe during the process of kneading, shaping and drying. This pasta product, which is cooked in just two minutes, has gained new consumers as well as professional chefs of large restaurants and hotels both in Japan and the United States. The minimum amount of cooking time required is accomplished thanks to the cross shaped design of the pasta product, that allows the boiling water to penetrate evenly the outer parts as well as the center of the product. The industrial design of Spaghetti Express 2’ has been patented internationally. This pasta product, after its success overseas, will soon be launched in the Greek market.