The most famous and loved Greek pie has a long history in the Mediterranean Cuisine.

Traditional pies are the quintessence of the Greek cuisine. Either with traditional, thick “fyllo” or with thin and crispy, even with no dough at all, pies are interwoven with the history, the know-how, the deliciousness of our cuisine. And if we could name one of them as the queen of all pies, that would undoubtably be spinach pie, or “spanakopita”, as it is called in Greek. This famous Greek delight is made with the simplest of ingredients: flour, water, olive oil (optional) and salt for the dough, and spinach, onion, eggs, olive oil, salt and pepper for the stuffing. There is the feta cheese option (spanakotyropita), the vegan spanakopita, without eggs (in Greek it is called “nistisimi”), and the option to put in certain herbs, such as dill and scallions.  Major Greek exporting companies who specialize in frozen dough products create delicious “spanakopita”, based on traditional recipes, precious Greek olive oil and fresh products, straight from the Greek land. These are the best sellers.

Alfa Pastry

Alfa is one of the leading Greek food brands, creating traditional pies from various Greek regions since 1952. The brand has more than fifteen versions of spinach pies, both in family sizes and portion sizes, available also in vegeterian version (without eggs and cheeses). Among the brand’s most celebrated is the Metsovo spinach pie (with nettle), the vegan Zagorisia pie with spinach, leek, chard and spring onion, and the Kihi versions (kihi is a type of “fyllo”, traditional to the region of Kozani, in Northern Greece). Last but not least, the Epirotiki spanakopita (individual size) in triangle shape, with the delicious Epirus Feta Cheese (PDO).

The Vegan Spanakopita (without eggs) is called “nistisimi” in Greek

Hellenic Bakery

Hellenic Bakery, with almost 50 years of experience in pastry products, is one of the most well-respected food brands, with a strong international presence. The brand makes several types of spanakopita, with or without cheese, with the use of different pastries. Spinach-Air Cheese (double), with spinach, leek, dill, onion, mizithra cheese and feta cheese, is made with a traditional Greek pastry called bougatsa, and it is served cut in small pieces. Spinach-Feta Cheese Pie in Tray is made with spinach, leek, feta cheese, mizithra, onion and pepper, while there is also the vegan version (without the cheeses). The Round Spinach Cheese Pie is different in shape, with the same stuffing, while there are also the mini versions of the pies, in triangular or round shape.

Hellenic Dough - Arabatzis

Hellenic Dough is one of the biggest brands in frozen pastry products, with privately owned 30.850m2 production facilities, supported by a wide sales network, in Greece and abroad. The brand offers a big selection of spinach-based pies, in several shapes and with different doughs. Round or square country pie with spinach (with cheese, or vegetarian, and in two sizes, 1200 gr. and 2200 gr.) is among the most popular. Also popular is the twirled version (in individual 220 and 170 gr. portion sizes), either with feta cheese or vegetarian. Another very popular option between the brand’s products are the mini pies (with kourou pastry or traditional dough, in triangle or square shape, around 40 gr. each), which are also available in cheese-and-spinach or vegetarian version.


Rodoula started 20 years ago in a small production facility in Athens, and today is one of the most established companies of frozen dough products and sweet delicacies. The brand offers three different types of spinach pie: The Spiral Greek pie with spinach and feta cheese, a spiral handmade pie with signature authentic Greek ingredients such as feta, fresh spinach and extra virgin olive oil from Peloponnese and a mix of herbs produced in the gardens of the Aegean islands, the Greek traditional crinkly spinach cheese pie, a crunchy pie with fresh spinach, fragrant aromatic herbs, mizithra and feta cheese, mixed with extra virgin olive oil, an excellent exhibit of all the richness of the Greek land, and finally, Spanakopita filled with Spinach & Feta Cheese, in mini form (mini triangular pies filled with spinach, feta cheese and herbs).

Major greek exporting companies Create delicious “spanakopita” based on traditional recipes.


Ioniki is a major Greek food brand, founded in 1991 in Thessaloniki, with more than 300 frozen pastry and puff pastry products offered in Greece and in markets worldwide. The brand loves spinach, having more than 20 different types of pies (trays and individual portions alike). Among the most famous, the Filosophy Greek Spiral Pie with Feta PDO, Spinach and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Homemade pie from Epirus with Spinach & Feta, and the mini versions (Mini Rolls, Mini Spiral Pies, Mini Bougatsa, all with spinach and feta).