Steady trend for Greek olive oil production in 2020-2021

Greek Olive Oil Production

The Minister of Rural Development & Food, Mr Spilios Livanos, recently announced that according to the latest available data, production of Greek olive oil between 2020-2021 will reach 275,000 tons, i.e. at the same level as the previous year. At the same time, olive oil exports during the six months from October 2020 to March 2021, are at a fairly good level and have reached around 100,000 tons.
Addressing an recent event for the upgrading of Greek olive oil, Mr Livanos described it as “Gold of the Greek land” and a “product directly intertwined with Greek history, culture and even religion”, while he added that regarding the prices of extra virgin olive oil, in the first weeks of May there was an upward trend, with EVOO from the region of Messinia at €3.30/kilo, the region of Laconia at €3.25/kilo and EVOO from Chania, in Crete at €3.10/kilo.
The Minister also disclosed that in the context of developing a national strategy and formulating a targeted action plan for the promotion of Greek olive oil, two working groups have been set up by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food: “One for oil and one for olives, consisting of reputable scientists, representatives of the market, and experts, who will work in tandem but at the same time coherently, in a modern and effective way, with specific objectives and timetables to help formulate a national strategy by providing solutions to long-standing problems, correcting mistakes and changing poor attitudes”.