Strawberry and Citrus Exports on the rise

Greek Strawberry and Citrus exports

Strawberry exports continue to increase during February 2023, amounting to 4,792 tons (compared to 3,195 tons in the corresponding period of 2022), with the demand showing signs of stabilization, according to Incofruit’s report. In addition, the harvest and export of oranges continues, recording an increase of 5.3% and 159,952 tons, but also of mandarins at a record rate of 137,609 tons, increased by 26.6% compared to 2021/22.

According to the same report, cooler temperatures support increased demand, with consumers in Europe continuing to favor winter fruit and particularly citrus, noting that a shortage of truckers and harvest workers is preventing the export trade from meeting increased demand.

As a result, large quantities of oranges and tangerines, such as the Clementine variety (due to their non-postharvest resistance), were not available to purchase, and there was zero demand for Navelina variety oranges (large quantities not harvested).

Apple exports continue at low rates from until the first week of February 2023. Their export amounts to 41,406 tons, against 34,279 tons in the corresponding period last year, with the quantities to Egypt increased by 6.11%, to 27,176 tons, Saudi Arabia reduced by 5.90% and 1,769 tons, Jordan increased by 86.39% and 3,521 tons.

From September 1st 2022 to February 3rd 2023 the cargo announcements registered in MENO for the export-handling of kiwifruit, are marginally decreasing by 0.45% to 125,417 tons, against 125,978 tons in the corresponding period last year, with the quantities to USA reduced by 9.60%, to 9,652 tons, Spain increased by 21.63%, to 19,465 tons, Italy reduced by 62.72%, to 14,683 tons, Canada increased by 48.31%, to 4,264 tons, India increased by 1560.42%, to 14,263 tons against 859 tons.

Info: Incofruit Hellas
Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food – Division of Agricultural Policy and Documentation, Department of Agricultural Statistics.