Study on “Modern Fish Feed to Ensure High Nutritional Value and Well-Being”

Study on fish feed

With the aim of developing Greek aquaculture and creating guides for best practices in every sector of the industry, the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (H.A.P.O.) collaborated with the academic and scientific world to develop a pioneering study on fish feed under the name “Modern Fish Feed to Ensure High Nutritional Value and Well-Being”.

Namely, HAPO collaborated with Messrs. Dimitrios Barkas, Animal Production Agronomist, Nafsika Karakatsouli, Associate Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens, and Leonidas Papacharisis, Ichthyologist, MPhil and Member of the Technical Committee of HAPO.

Boosting confidence in farmed fish

The purpose of the study is to answer key consumer questions regarding what exactly fish eat, since a lack of knowledge about fish feed is associated with a lack of confidence in farmed fish. The study provides in-depth information on the production and composition of fish feed used in Greek aquaculture, and it is aimed at professionals such as dietitians, traders, caterers, doctors and consumer associations who are interested in learning more about the needs of fish at different stages of their development as well as the ingredients of fish feed.
Mr Leonidas Papacharisis stated in this regard: “The well-being and health of farmed animals is a noble duty. HAPO has always put development sustainability, the welfare of fish and the protection of the environment at the top of its agenda. By drawing up this study, we reiterate our commitment to produce fish of top quality and high nutritional value”. It is worth noting that HAPO together with the Biology Department of the University of Crete has recently completed the Mediterranean Fish Welfare Guide, which was approved and ratified by the Directorate of Animal Protection of the General Directorate of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and is now a National Guide in the Aquaculture sector.