Tahini spread with goji berry & orange flavoring

Vrosis Spread

Tahini; Its exceptional nutritional value lies upon the fact that 100gr of tahini give us 31gr of vegetable protein without any animal preservatives. This spread from Vrosis combines Tahini, gojiberries, 100% pure orange essential oil and sesame oil to new create a superfood, that will boost your body and health if added into smoothies alongside nuts and almond milk. Perfect for breakfast and ideal as a children’s snack.

Tahini in a nutshell

Tahini, a superfood due to its high content in protein, complex B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, can along with legumes and nuts effectively replace animal protein. It is considered to be an ideal food for groups of people with a need for increased protein intake, such as children, athletes and the elderly. It is beneficial, as it can assist in bone health, proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system while boosting our immune system, providing us with spiritual well-being, eliminating fatigue, keeping hair and nails in good condition, reinforcing immune absorption, contributing to a healthy heart and more.

About Vrosis

Vrosis is a food lab located in Alexandroupolis, northern Greece, always striving for exceptional flavors and quality food. The company has been successfully experimenting with the remarkable flavor and unique nutritional value of tahini and creating unique added-value products.