The Arcadia Chamber of Commerce presents new ad campaign

Arcadia Peloponnese

In the presence of the Minister of Tourism, Mr Harris Theocharis, as well as politicians and executives from tourism organizations, the online event for the presentation of the ad campaign of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce named “This is Arcadia” took place a few days ago.
This is a significant project on the part of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce that aims to create a new identity for the region of Arcadia as a destination in the Peloponnese, a place of countless experiences that the visitor can enjoy all year round.
During the presentation, the campaign film “This is Arcadia” was screened for the first time.

A strong brand name

The President of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce, Mr Giannis Troupis, referred to the initiative which comes at a particularly critical time: “At a time when the contribution of tourism to the Greek and Arcadian economy is more than ever necessary, we must create the right conditions for a friendlier business environment, which will ensure stability and strengthen any initiative with growth prospects.”
During his speech, Mr Troupis also spoke about the philosophy of the brand name “Arcadia”. “It is well-known that the name Arcadia is an extremely powerful landmark in Western history. It is internationally recognized”.

This is Arcadia

It is common knowledge that Arcadia was dealt a serious blow as a tourism destination during the pandemic. In this context, the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce seeks to strengthen the effort to cover the lost ground by launching a targeted campaign to promote it in Greece as well as abroad, under the name “This is Arcadia”.
It should be noted that the region of Arcadia can offer a plethora of tourism activities and attractions such as wellness, alternative, cultural and religious tourism, sports, gastronomy, archaeological sites, etc.
It is important to underline that the ultimate goal of the “This is Arcadia” project is to redefine Arcadia as a destination of unexplored contrasts, a place of countless experiences that the visitor can enjoy 12 months a year.