Troupis Winery presents Pitys Ritinitis, a premium Retsina

Pitys Ritinitis - premium retsina

Rеtsina is resinаted winе, which means it is produced with the addition of the natural resin extracted from pinus halepensis (commonly known as Aleppo Pine) during fermentation of white and, in rare cases, of rosé wines. It is a traditional Greek wine, while its method of production dates back to antiquity. Honoring this tradition and following a 35 centuries-old tradition in Greek wine, Troupis Winery vinifies with minimal intervention the most prominent Greek variety, Assyrtiko, to create a premium, exceptional Retsina.
From their privately-owned vineyard, in the centre of the Mantinean plateau, in the Peloponnese, Troupis Winery harvests the Assyrtiko grapes. After milling they add a small amount of resin during fermentation. Part of this must is fermented in oak barrels to add more complexity and a possibility for further ageing. After patiently waiting for it to refine on its own, it is bottled without any treatment or filtering to preserve its rich characteristics.
The result is a wine with aromas of grapefruit, mint and tangerine blossoms that coexist harmoniously with notes of mastic and herbs. It has a slightly acidic aftertaste with a long finish.
You can pair it with grilled fish, seafood, grilled vegetables, spicy dishes and traditional Greek food.