Unique Trahanas soup for babies

Trahanas soup

Dardouma Family presents Trahanas soup for babies, a product recommended by pediatricians to new mothers. Trahanas soup is a Greek comfort food, which combines high nutritional value with zero preservatives. In fact, as far as babies and baby food are concerned, trahanas soup can readily replace manufactured commercial creams. This trahanas soup product is aimed at babies from the age of 6 months and on. It is produced with natural ingredients and kneaded, grinded and sieved by the hands of Dardouma Family with love! Trahanas soup for babies can be mixed with fresh seasonal fruit, yoghurt and oat.

About Dardouma Family

The Dardouma Family brand is an exemplary family pasta laboratory, which produces a wide variety of handmade trahana and pasta. The production and standardization site is located in Southern Evia, in the Region of Central Greece.
Although founded in 2008, the Dardouma Family brand has 100 years of experience in handmade pasta. The tradition was passed on from generation to generation and today the company is run by brothers John and Evangelos Mallios, grandsons of the original founder