Vegan baklava from Athena Sweet Athena

Cosmopolitan Baklava - sweet athena

Baklava reigns supreme among all oriental sweets. One of the most popular recipes comes from the Greek town of Ioannina, where Nikos Kolionasios and his family became famous for their delicious, golden baklava –the traditional hand-wrapped crispy rolls, lightly sweetened and generously filled with top quality nuts.
Now, the Athena Sweet Athena brand, named after their daughter and next generation in the family business, presents 2 new offerings of vegan baklava: the Cosmopolitan Baklava range and the Greek Baklava Vegan.
The Cosmopolitan Baklava Collection combines crunchy phyllo and a mixture of nuts and oat flakes with extra virgin olive oil and light vanilla syrup, offering a delicious light baklava roll, rich in fiber, while the Greek Baklava Vegan is hand-crafted using the best olive oil and ingredients for an authentic baklava experience.
Furthermore, the company is currently developing another 3 product ranges with 14 new delectable recipes that are expected to launch within 2020.