Vegan “Cheese” cake introduced by Rodoula


Recognizing the ever-growing market demand/trend for a healthier vegetarian diet, and following the successful launch of its vegan range of products (dairy and lactose free pies) in 2019, Rodoula, one of the most respected dough product companies in Greece, has recently introduced the Vegan “Cheese” Cake. Pre-cut for easier use, the Rodoula Vegan “Cheese” Cake is a 100% plant-based dessert with an exceptionally creamy flavor and made from natural ingredients with no additives, preservatives, artificial colorings and free of trans-fat and gluten. Furthermore, it is also completely dairy and lactose free, made from coconut milk, cashew nuts, with a delicious base from dates and walnuts and a luscious raspberry coating. This product targets the HORECA market and has been available since the beginning of March.

Rodoula is in strict compliance with the COVID-19 security protocols prepared with the approval of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization and the Ministry of Health in order to safeguard the health of both its staff and consumers, while ensuring the production of a totally safe end product.