Violanta reduces use of plastic

Violanta cookies

In a move that proves Greek businesses are serious about sustainability and the environment, Violanta, one of the leaders in cookie production in the country, is reducing the use of new plastic in its rPET recycled material packaging.
Namely, according to the company, the inner plastic packaging in which the cookies are stored was replaced with a new packaging consisting of recycled plastic. The new packaging is 100% recyclable, while following Violanta’s commitment to use at least 30% rPET recycled plastic in its packaging.
Furthermore, it is noted that this “green” initiative on Violanta’s part, is a precursor to even more and greater actions that will follow in the future, guided by sustainable development for a more sustainable planet.

As per a statement from Violanta, “Our company, in the context of its corporate environmental responsibility strategy, contributes in its own way to the struggle for a more sustainable planet by making all its packaging more environmentally friendly”.