Violanta Zero Cereals

Violanta Zero Cereal

They who said that following the trends of modern, healthy eating -aka zero sugar products-, is boring and tasteless, obviously never tried new flavors, such as Violanta’s Zero Sugar cereal in two unique flavors (Vanilla and Cocoa).

The new cereals, without sugar already obtained their first distinction at the Healthy Food Awards.

The company received another important distinction during its participation in the organization of the Healthy Food Awards: Zero Violanda Cereals, the only Cereals
Without Sugar produced in Greece, distinguished in the Healthy Food Awards Breakfast Product category.

Zero Violanda Cereals are the ideal choice for a delicious, healthy and nutritious breakfast as they do not contain palm oil and sugar, while they are rich in plant fibers and of course suitable for Vegans.

About Violanta

The brand’s history starts back in 1975, in a neighborhood bakery located in the city of Trikala at the center of Greece. Over the years, Violanta has developed and grown its product range, adding many different flavors, thus succeeding to satisfy the ever changing demands of the market, both local and international.

Long-term cooperation with its value chain (consumers, customers / distributors, employees and suppliers), is one of the brand’s top priorities, having a professional attitude and reputation as reference point and guide, and operating with high standards in all pre and post production stages, always in respect to social responsibility ethics.

Today, the brand exports in over 30 countries worldwide and boasts a wide range of 160 products, gaining the reputation of a quality and inspirational producer of cookies and biscuits, with potential for large-scale production, but always keeping top quality standards.