Violife: Cocospread on the shelves of British super markets

Violife Cocospread in British Supermakets

Violife‘s Cocospread recently premiered on the shelves of the British supermarkets Asda and Wholefoods, marking the Greek company’s entry into the competitive sweet spread market.
Cocospread is a plant based chocolate spread with rich chocolatey taste, but only a quarter of the sugar, half the fat and half the calories other chocolate spreads have. Deliciously creamy, smooth and fresh, it’s also very versatile: spread on toast, crackers, pancakes, ice cream and waffles, perfect for baking cakes, tarts, muffins, brownies or just straight from the tub.

About Violife

Violife is a vegan-dedicated company based in Thessaloniki in northern Greece. The brand has been committed to making amazing tasting, 100% vegan, non-dairy, non GMO foods since the 90’s in their privately-owned production plant in Drama, and are a favourite for many vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians in over 50 countries around the world.
All of their 100% vegan foods are free from lactose, GMO, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives and cholesterol.

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