Voidomatis Rainbow Trout: Smoked Trout Filet

Voidomatis trout

Greece loves fresh fish, and river fish, such as trout, has always been a valued delicatessen within the Greek cuisine. The Voidomatis Rainbow Trout company, one of the leading Greek companies in the field, presented during the FOOD EXPO 2024 the smoked fillet of Voidomatis river trout in beech wood.
The company was founded in 1975 by the innovator in the field of trout farming Dimitrios G. Ladia in Kledonia Konitsis, a village near the city of Ioannina. Today, the company is lead by the third generation and is active in the reproduction of trout fry, fattening and distribution in domestic and international markets. The main goal is to support customers while producing the best quality product on the market. The goal is achieved by using the highest quality fish feed, a safe product of minimum environmental impact by Biomar Hellas, a company also aligned in the sustainability perspective.
Last, but certainly not least, perhaps the most important element for ensuring the highest quality product is the crystal waters of the Voidomatis River, which supplies the fish farm with plenty of water, thus allowing the best growth of the trout.