Votanikon, gin from the ground up

Votanikon Gin

According to the makers of Votanikon, when making gin, the earth is a good place to start, because that’s where one finds all the herbs that can make a gin special and tastier. And if there’s one place in the world where botanicals exist in enviable abundance, that’s Greece.

Votanikon is an excellent gin with a complex flavor, which highlights the botanical heritage of Greece. It is made from a combination of 20 aromatic herbs such as mountain tea from Mount Olympus, basil and dittany from Crete, juniper from the mountains of Macedonia, saffron from Kozani, mastic from Chios, citrus and chamomile from the Peloponnese, oregano from Mani, and sage from the island of Amorgos.

Explosive and with a complex aroma, incredibly soft on the palate, with a rich, full body that fascinates.