World Cheese Awards 2022: Menikio and Kourellas strike Gold

World Cheese Awards

Goat Cheese by Menikio and Anevato P.D.O. Cheese by Kourellas were the two Gold winners in this year’s World Cheese Awards, held at the International Convention Center in Newport, Wales in November 2022.

Both cheeses impressed top cheese connoisseurs, among which, famous cheese producers and dairy traders, buyers, chefs, retailers and food writers. The two Greek cheeses stood out among 4,434 entries in terms of the appearance of the rind and the inside of the cheese, in terms of aroma, body and texture, but above all, for their unique taste and aftertaste (mouthfeel).

It is worth mentioning that this year the World Cheese Awards competition had more entries than ever: Cheeses from 42 countries and 900 companies from all over the world were submitted for grading. All entries were judged in 24 hours: 250 tasters from 38 different countries examined 4,434 cheeses.

Anevato P.D.O. Cheese

Anevato is one of these unique Greek cheeses that enclose the full experience of Greek culinary tradition in just one bite. It is produced exclusively in Grevena, a Greek mountain region renowned for its quality dairy. Kourellas produces it in small batches, like generations of shepherds have been doing for hundreds of years. Great ingredient into salads, as a filling for sweet and savory pastries, or as a spread on a toast.

Goat Cheese

If you have been focusing exclusively on feta, other Greek cheeses, such as goat cheese, are far more than meets the eye. Menikio Goat Cheese is a white brine cheese, made from 100% Greek goat milk gathered from selected producers, with only the addition of rennet, culture and salt. The product is matured for a minimum of 60 days and kept in its natural brine to retain its rich taste and unique aroma. This is a true traditional, but fitting to modern health needs.

Other Greek brands that stood out, winning Silver and Bronze Awards are the following:

Silver Award
Graviera, Miltiadis Petropoulos & Co.
Greek Organic Goat Cheese & Greek Goat Cheese (2 Awards), Greek Family Farm
Ormos Manouri P.D.O., Ormos Foods
Epiros Saganaki Kefalograviera P.D.O. Cheese, Epiros
Doukidis Feta Cheese P.D.O., Doukidis I. & Sons Co.

Bronze Award
Ormos Graviera from Crete, Ormos Foods
Doukidis Goat Cheese, Doukidis I. & Sons Co.

About Guild of Fine Food

Guild of Fine Food was formed in 1993 with the mission to support, celebrate, and encourage independent food and drink retailers and the producers that supply them. Within its activities, the celebrated Great Taste Awards (born in 1994, with less than 100 food & drink entries across 5 classes, blind-tasted by 12 experts), and the World Cheese Awards, with an over 30-year experience.

Today, Great Taste Awards is considered one of the leading food competitions in the world (14,205 entries in 2022 alone) with its easily recognizable black and gold sign, and World Cheese Awards one of the top competitions in the dairy industry worldwide.

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