Xrisi Zimi Vegan


Three vegan tasting proposals were released by “Xrisi Zimi”, with 100% plant ingredients, certified by the approved body The Vegan Society. The new range of vegan products is for everyone to taste – especially to people who choose a vegetarian diet, either temporarily or as a permanent option. The three new, original flavor combinations are suitable for every taste and age:

  • Rolls with cheese flavor
  • Rolls with potato and herbs
  • Rolls with vegetable mince

The brand Xrisi Zimi aiming to always maintain its core values in every product, has made sure that the new vegan products hold all the characteristics that make the company stand out, both in taste and quality. The new products have a low sugar content, are fermented with extra virgin olive oil, and do not contain hydrogenated fats and oils.

MODERN NUTRITIONAL NEEDS The new tasting suggestions came to complement the already popular Xrisi Zimi range, with suitable options, ideal for a vegetarian diet, such as the Thessaloniki Bougatsa with cream or with hazelnut praline, the Homemade Green Pie as well as the Macedonian Striftari with Pumpkin. The vegan products of Xrisi Zimi were created with the aim of meeting modern nutritional needs based on plant-origin raw materials, while also ensuring the gustative pleasure.

Discover delicious, homemade dough creations and read further information on all Xrisi Zimi products, on the official website  or the Instagram page.