Yolenis to open new stores in Boston, the UAE and Hong Kong

Yolenis Worldwide

2020 seems to be a year of development for Yolenis, which plans to further expand its network outside the Greek borders. Namely, the restaurant-delicatessen chain is expected to open within the next twelve months new stores in Boston, USA, the UAE (possibly in Dubai) and Hong Kong. All three ventures will be franchises since local partners have already been found and are already working to implement the projects. Thus, the company expects –provided the schedule is met–to have a network of 5 restaurants, by the end of 2020, which will adhere to the Yolenis concept.
It is worth noting that Yolenis has already opened a store on US soil, in Providence, Rhode Island, with a restaurant serving authentic Greek recipes and a deli featuring exceptional Greek products.

Increased sales in 2019 for the Athens branch

In terms of restaurant performance during the previous year, things have been rather positive for the store in Kolonaki, downtown Athens. In terms of traffic, growth rose to 20% compared to 2018, while turnover was also up.
Currently, the delicatessen offers approximately 1,000 products from Greek producers, which can be increased up to 2,000 on a seasonal basis as the product portfolio of the store is constantly updated. Best seller product is Greek olive oil followed closely by honey. Both are trademarked agricultural products of the Greek land, which are highly popular among international visitors, who are looking for distinct flavors and premium offerings.
It should be noted that in summer 2019, the Yolenis Hotel, located on the last three floors of the building, also started operating.