Zagori Sparkling water with lemon and apple flavor


Greek family business Chitos S.A. –dating back nearly 57 years of producing everyone’s favorite Zagori Natural Mineral Water and a label that has been earning a reputation for innovation and premium quality beyond Greece’s borders– has recently introduced two innovative products in the sparkling water category: Zagori Sparkling with natural lemon flavor, and Zagori Sparkling with natural green apple flavor. The newest additions to the Zagori Sparkling range were launched at the Anuga 2019 trade show and received a positive response. In fact, exports have already started, especially in the Arab world, as well as countries where interest for anti-tox products is particularly high.
Both products combine the unique characteristics and properties of Zagori Natural Mineral Water with the freshness and natural flavors of green apple and lemon, respectively, while they contain no artificial sweeteners, sugar, preservatives, artificial flavorings or flavor enhancers, and have zero calories.