Zaro’s near deal with US supermarket

Zaro's Mineral Water

According to information, Zaro’s, the Greek mineral water company from Crete, is reportedly in advanced negotiations with a US supermarket. “Within the year we will manage to increase our share in the US market,” state the company’s executives, while adding that “We have been trying for quite some time now to increase our sales in that particular market.” Zaro’s exports water to 14 countries, such as Cyprus, Israel, Germany, China, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ukraine. In 2019, the company increased its sales by 5%, while its export growth was 25%.

€5 million investment and a sustainable business plan

The company has just completed investments amounting to €5 million, which include upgrading machinery and a new production facility. As stated by executives, “This new production line will help manufacture even more carbonated water products.”
It is worth noting that the company has recently launched a new product, a sparkling water with lemon flavor in a 330ml bottle.
Zaro’s has also prepared a business plan in order to transform in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly company. According to information, the goal is to replace plastic bottles with tetra pak packaging and recyclable materials. “Within the next months, we are moving towards a direction to reduce our environmental footprint,” explain people from Zaro’s.