Zeo Bakers: Handmade bread sticks with truffle

bread sticks with truffle

Located in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, Zeo Bakers is a company that takes pride in creating modern products, combining the irreplaceable value of the handmade with state-of-the-art technology, thus ensuring food safety and top-tier quality.
The brand’s goal is to constantly create new products that stand out thanks to their original flavor and quality, and so find themselves on the shelves of c-stores all across the world.
With this in mind, Zeo Bakers has created a delicious, original product that mixes the convenience of bread sticks with the exquisite, unique flavor of real truffle.
Zeo Bakers’ Truffle Bread sticks are crisp and delicious, made in the original Italian way, using selected ingredients. They incorporate extra virgin olive oil and do not contain any trans fats, palm oil, preservatives, added sugar nor artificial dyes. They offer a memorable gastronomic experience and can be enjoyed as part of a cold cuts and/or cheese platter or as a simple yet delectable snack on their own.