Zeus Kiwi SA: 99% exports, €4.5 million investment & the yellow kiwi

Zeus kiwi

One of the largest kiwi fruit producers in Greece, Zeus Kiwi SA is undertaking a €4.5 million investment in order to update its equipment, a project which is expected to conclude sometime within 2022. In addition, according to Mr Dimitris Manossis, President and founder of the company, “Zeus intends to expand its facilities –meaning that another €4 million will be added to the initial investment– right after the completion of the first phase, in 2022.”

Furthermore, the company is constantly investing in R&D and is wrapping up a project for the development of a yellow kiwi fruit that is expected to hit the market in 2020. It is worth noting that Zeus Kiwi SA is a purely export company with 99% of its products going to international markets. “It has been a deliberate decision to open the company to more sophisticated markets,” explains Mr Manossis. “One of our major markets is the UK, while other countries interested in high quality products are the US, the UAE and India.”