Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Ambrosia Magazine #14 main articles and features

Issue # 14 of Ambrosia Magazine presents an ode to table olives. The tribute includes a topic on the Halkidiki olive variety, an in-depth interview of Mr. Nelos Georgoudis, who was for 20 years the president of PEMETE (Panhellenic Association Of Table Olives Processors, Packers And Exporters), and a complete presentation of the members of the Association, to which the vast majority of Greek table olives producers belong as members.

On its pages you can also read the interview of the Secretary General for International Economic Affairs, Mr. Ioannis Smyrlis, as well as the interview of Mr. Iason Loumidis, co-owner of Loumidis Foods, a sizable importing company specializing in Greek food and based in New Jersey.

Also, you can read an interesting presentation of thirteen Greek cheeses as voted recently among the best 50 worldwide by the users of the Taste Atlas platform, the award-winning Greek dairy products as selected by the International Taste Awards members and jury, and a report on yet another Greek victory regarding the use of the name Feta.

Last but not least, issue #14 features all the latest F&B market news and a wealth of newly launched delicious products.