Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Ambrosia Magazine #15 main articles and features

Issue # 15 of Ambrosia Magazine presents one of the most famous and delicious Greek pies. Spanakopita -aka spinach pie- has a long history within the Greek cuisine, it is been made in several ways, and is a best seller among all frozen pastry exporting companies, for every good reason.

On its pages you can read the interview of Mr. Christos Nestoras, Managing Director of ESYD (Hellenic Accreditation System) as well as the interview of Mr. George Kostianis, CEO of Paliria, one of the biggest food companies in Greece, with significant exporting activity, specializing in Greek traditional dolma.

Also, you can read the latest exporting report on olive oil, the presentation of two major Greek food companies, Dodoni and Olivellas, and a full report on the visit to the first two countries of Forum’s Country Outlook Program, designed to attract potential hosted buyers and exhibitors in its trade shows. 

Last but not least, issue #15 features a very interesting research on food loss, and all the latest F&B market news and a wealth of newly launched food products.