Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A highly competitive market, yet full of opportunities

Midway between Europe and the East, with important ports overseeing the Black Sea, Romania is a country with a great tradition and an even brighter future ahead...

Greece is the largest Producer of farmed fish

The Chairman of HAPO, Mr. Apostolos Touralias, talks to Ambrosia Magazine about the future of the aquaculture in Greece.
Greek Serbian Trade Relations

Balkan Neighborhood

A rapidly developing economy, albeit not a member of the European Union yet, Serbia is increasingly inclined towards quality over price, while recognising the EU PGI regime and applying the respective protection on PDO and PGI products.
Greek exports to Bulgaria

Inbound Tourism is the greatest Ambassador of Greek f&b products

Very close, and yet so far: a market with complex administrative procedures, Bulgaria constitutes an interesting exporting destination for Greek brands and companies, yet demanding of a local partner who can guide them through.

Spain: A Mediterranean Affair

Being a country with similar diet and culinary habits to Greece, and a major agricultural country itself, Spain is not easy to penetrate. Nonetheless, good price, targeted advertising and small promotional actions towards middle and upper level Spanish consumers can be key for the success of Greek F&B products to the Spanish market.
Greece Cyprus trade relations

Cyprus: Cultural proximity and common taste is key

Cyprus is a country with many things in common with Greece. So many in fact, that one often tends to forget that it is...
Japanese Market

Japan: A Quality Oriented Market

Japan is a country where retail sales in the food and beverage market are estimated at a whooping 400 billion euros, while its low food self-sufficiency makes it a major importing destination.
Greek exports to Israel

Israel: Greece’s brand name can help increase exports

Israel is a Mediterranean country with great dynamic in innovation and a continuous flow of tourists towards Greece.
Albanian Market

Albania: Untapped potential

A neighboring country with great potential, but also specificities, concerning its economy and the way things work in the food and beverage sector, and the market in general. Mr Marios Belibassakis, First Counsellor for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Head of Economic & Commercial Affairs Office at the Greek Embassy in Tirana talks to Ambrosia magazine about the economy on the rise, current trends, and the importance of having local partners if ones truly wants to penetrate the Albanian market.
Anastasia Zografou - Greek Embassy in North Macedonia

Towards a New Commercial & Economic Reality in the Balkans

The key role of land proximity and the vastly positive image of Greece and Greek products and consumer goods, despite challenges, such as the naming issue, the heavy customs duties on certain categories, but also, the need for interpersonal approach as a plus when doing business with people from a neighboring Balkan country.