Loukoumi Kouteris

Loukoumi Kouteris

Loukoumi is one of the most well known and loved traditional Greek sweet delights, loved by generations of Greeks, young and old alike. The “Loukoumm…aki” brand, originating from Agrinion (Western Greece), preserves tradition while experimenting with new trends.

The production of the brand’s products follows all known traditional ways, choosing materials of excellent quality. The ingredients are mixed in the company’s cauldrons for hours until the final mixture emerges based on the family recipe, the brand owners’ passion and their constant experimentation with new flavors.

Implementing new ideas, taking into account the suggestions and preferences of consumers, thus gaining their trust and support, this delicious traditional sweet keeps gaining followship by the people who try it.

The laboratory preserves the hygiene and safety of its products based on the principles of HACCP, EU Regulation 852/2004 on food hygiene and National Health Regulation 47829/2017 on food businesses.

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