Thursday, June 20, 2024
Greek South African trade relations

South African F&B market: an equation for strong solvers

Africa’s most important economy but also a land of huge income inequality, South Africa is undeniably a land of great potential for the Greek F&B sector, especially the premium, high quality food, wine and spirits.
Germany: Greek PDO & PGI products are our “flagship”in the German Market

Greek PDO & PGI products, a “flagship”in the German Market

Being one of Europe’s largest markets, with a vast, yet knowledgeable consumer body, Germany is a dream market for many exporters, yet a highly demanding one, given the fact that local agents, as well as major retail chains, have concrete expectations in terms of quantities and production stability.

South Korea: A booming importing economy

South Korea, one of the fastest growing developed countries in the world and the 10th largest economy in the world (4th in Asia) is...

Pasta Lovers Unite

As the Export Director at Eurimac SA, one of the leading f&b companies in Greece, Mr. Sven van Asperen talks to Ambrosia Magazine about innovation, sustainability, and the way our rich culinary tradition transforms to experience, benefiting Greek f&b brands.
Greek Products to French Market

France: A posh market that appreciates premium Greek f&b

Undoubtedly one of the most high end markets to enter, not only in Europe, but worldwide, and with a complex retail system, consisting of a local, a regional and a national level, France is a challenge in itself for prospect exporters, the main one being the consistency in covering the demand.

“High quality products are the strength behind Greece’s brand name”

Mr. Apostolos Michalopoulos, director of the central Economic & Commercial Affairs Office in Athens talks to Ambrosia Magazine about the added value of the Greek F&B sector and its key role as a major exporting product.

A highly competitive market, yet full of opportunities

Midway between Europe and the East, with important ports overseeing the Black Sea, Romania is a country with a great tradition and an even brighter future ahead...

Greece is the largest Producer of farmed fish

The Chairman of HAPO, Mr. Apostolos Touralias, talks to Ambrosia Magazine about the future of the aquaculture in Greece.
Greek Serbian Trade Relations

Balkan Neighborhood

A rapidly developing economy, albeit not a member of the European Union yet, Serbia is increasingly inclined towards quality over price, while recognising the EU PGI regime and applying the respective protection on PDO and PGI products.
Greek exports to Bulgaria

Inbound Tourism is the greatest Ambassador of Greek f&b products

Very close, and yet so far: a market with complex administrative procedures, Bulgaria constitutes an interesting exporting destination for Greek brands and companies, yet demanding of a local partner who can guide them through.