Friday, April 12, 2024
For every traditional kitchen there is a dish (or more) that is intrinsically linked to the core of the people, their deepest mentality and mindset, a dish that resonates with their culture, not the intellectual one, but the everyday.

Pasta Lovers Unite

As the Export Director at Eurimac SA, one of the leading f&b companies in Greece, Mr. Sven van Asperen talks to Ambrosia Magazine about innovation, sustainability, and the way our rich culinary tradition transforms to experience, benefiting Greek f&b brands.
From trahanas to makarounes to striftoudia and chylopites, Greek pasta is as diverse as it is delicious. No wonder the whole world knows of its superior quality.
The Chairman of HAPO, Mr. Apostolos Touralias, talks to Ambrosia Magazine about the future of the aquaculture in Greece.
If one should say that aquaculture in Greece is more than a sector and closer to a true industry, they would be right: a whooping 65% of domestic production of fishery products comes from aquaculture, while the remaining 35% from fishing.
Heritage diets are the future. They are simple, clean, healthy food; and the Cretan Diet is exceptionally so.
Very close, and yet so far: a market with complex administrative procedures, Bulgaria constitutes an interesting exporting destination for Greek brands and companies, yet demanding of a local partner who can guide them through.
Greece, with one of the most popular traditional salads, Dakos, took first place in the TasteAtlas list of Best rated Salads in the world, while five other Greek salads also made it in the top50...
Spanakopita (spinach pie), the most famous and loved Greek pie has a long history in the Mediterranean Cuisine.
Japan is a country where retail sales in the food and beverage market are estimated at a whooping 400 billion euros, while its low food self-sufficiency makes it a major importing destination.