Monday, March 4, 2024
Kashkavali Pindos PDO Product

Kaskavali Pindos / Kashkaval Pindos: The latest addition to the Greek PDO Cheeses

Kaskavali (aka Kaskaval or Kashkaval) cheese is a fine product with an important historical path. The history of Kaskavali cheese goes back in the 18th and 19th centuries,...
how labels impact how we eat

Food Naming: How it affects food consumption

The naming of what we eat by the person who prepares it ultimately affects what we choose to eat.
Greek feta shares in Canada

Greek Feta: Gaining shares in Canada

The CETA trade agreement between the European Union and Canada seems to turn out in favor of the Greek PDO Feta Cheese: authentic Greek feta products...
Greek Olives and Olive Oil

Olive oil & Olives: Reduced production leads to the limiting of exports

Greek exports will increase by 2% - 3% in 2024 (in deflated terms), remaining, however, below the medium-term trend for their annual growth (5%), according to a recent study by the National Bank's Economic Analysis Department.

WORLD OF Beer: Taking place in Athens Technopolis, May 10th – 12th 2024

Lager, Pilsner, Weiss... Whatever your favorite beer, the biggest beer festival in Greece will be here, from May 10th to May 12th at the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens...
Wine and ouzo exports to UAE

UAE: Greek wine and ouzo exports on the rise

A significant upward trend in Greek exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in alcoholic beverages and beer, was recorded last year by the Dubai Economic and Commercial Affairs Office.
Kato Nevrokopi Potato

Nevrokopi Potatos: The Best Potatoes in the World

Greeks have known and appreciated them for years, but the time has come for the delicious Potatoes from Nevrokopi to become known all over the world.

TasteAtlas: The Greek Cuisine ranks 2nd in the World

TasteAtlas, the famous online encyclopedia of flavors, traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants, gives us every year the ranking of the best cuisines in the world...
Evia Figs PDO

Evia Figs: Delicious, nutritious and PDO

Dried figs from the island of Evia, and especially the delicious PDO Kimi Figs and Taxiarchis Figs, are already exported all over the world.

The agri-food sector supports exports

Greek exports between January and October 2023 showed a 17.5% rise in the agri-food sector and a -7.1% overall (-0.4% excluding petroleum products).