Exports: Strawberries & cucumbers hold strong


According to the latest Incofruit data, year-to-date (March 22) strawberry exports stood at 27,337 tonnes, up 9.7%, with demand steadily rising. The association expects that in view of the Catholic Easter, demand and export volumes will further increase. Tomato exports for the same period appear reduced by 22.5%.

Apples, Cucumbers & Citruses

Apple exports continue at a low rate, reaching 27,190 tons between 1/9/23-22/3/24, reduced by 50%.

On the contrary, cucumber exports during the same period increased by 5%, to 54,417 tons.

Exports of oranges and tangerines, respectively, decreased by almost 17% and 13.4%.


Kiwifruit exports from 1/9/2023 to 22/3/2024 decreased by 4.1%. In particular, exports to certain countries were as follows:

  • Canada: 13.51% (6,770 tons)
  • USA: 17.28% (15,229 tons)
  • Spain: 3.75% (26,282 tons)
  • Italy: 42.90% (25,654 tons)

The above mentioned quantities also include loads for industrial use to Italy and other destinations.

It is also noted that in the period 1/9/23 to 22/3/24 2,220 tons were imported (mainly from Iran and Turkey). At the same time, loadings of kiwifruit destined for Brazil continued, amounting to 8,675 tons, however, the prediction of a minimization of Greek exports after the entry of Iran into India is being verified.