Friday, September 22, 2023
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The Perfect Meal

The Perfect Meal

It is common knowledge that the Mediterranean Diet is beneficial for the human health. But how exactly do specific ingredients in it affect different parts of the human body?
Halizia Tirilias

Halitzia Tillyrias becomes a PGI product

The little known cheese from Cyprus is in the final stage to be a Protected Geographical Indication product.
FORUM SA Networking Israel

The Israel Calendar

After North Macedonia and Albania, Israel was Forum Team’s next stop in the context of the company’s Country Outlook.
Top Brands in Greece

KANTAR, Top 50 Brands In Greece

One year after Papadopoulou company was dethroned by Coca-Cola on Kantar’s Leading Brands List (leading in terms of footprint and recognition) in the fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCGs)...
KONVA SA - Tuna Salad Pocket awarded

Trata: Three New International Awards

Innovation is one of the ways a major company has, in order to stay relevant in a constantly changing environment, both commercially and socially.



Vikos Cola: New Can and Glass Packaging

The Epirus Bottling Industry Vikos SA presented their new packaging in the category of soft drinks. The first product that underwent the change is VIKOS Cola...

Rhoeco, New Culinary Herbs Line

A new series of herbs is added to the range of rhoeco products. The target group is people who love cooking and Mediterranean flavors.

Violanta PROTEINO bars

Violanta, committed to offer innovative products of quality and high nutritional value, presents the new filled PROTEINO bars in three available flavors: Violanta PROTEINO...

Creta Farms: En Elladi Nostimies New Products

Creta Farms enriches the En Elladi Nostimies series with two delicious new products: the Spicy...

Kampos Chiou: New Sour Cherry Recipe

A new sour cherry drink recipe is being launched on the domestic market, as well as abroad...

New Elite Croutons in Three Flavors

Elite brand, emphasizing on the needs of the modern consumer and the values...