Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Plant based meat

And the Winner is… Plant Based

Following the disruption created by the Covid-19 pandemic in the entire food supply chain, plant-based food, which was until then evaluated as the next best thing investment-wise...
Koukaki Farm

Koukakis Farm: Great Place to Work October 2024

Koukaki Farm was certified as an excellent working environment through Great Place to Work which showcases companies that stand out for optimum working conditions and human resources management practices.
Best Greek Gin and Bars

Top Greek Gins & Greek Top Bars  

On the occasion of the recently released list of the World’s 50 Best Bars, let’s take a look at the leading Greek Bartending scene and Greek spirits that top exports today...
Moschos Farms - Best Organic Farm in Europe

Moschos Farm: The Best Organic Farmer in Europe

The Commission presented the 8 winners of this year's EU Organic Awards, organized for the second consecutive year on the occasion of the EU Organic Production Day.

Global Pack: the Future of Packaging

Global Pack, the new international trade show for the packaging industry in Greece, is taking place for the first time from 11 to 13 November 2023...



Kousoulas Family: New Vegan Line

Kousoulas Family presented its new olive-based vegan range within the family’s brand, Kusulas Olives, at Eco Living Scandinavia...

Polydendros: Nuthill Nut Spreads

Polydendros, a niche Greek company that specializes in nuts, presented a brand new product at Eco Living Scandinavia & the Nordic Organic Food Fair 2023.

Messino: Rosé Balsamic Cream

Messino presents the new rosé balsamic cream, inspired by rosé wine. The new product contains rosé balsamic vinegar...

Corphes: Herbs Mixture Line

Located in a mountainous land, an area with enormous biodiversity, Corphes is an ambitious herbs company...

Coffee Island: Edible Coffee Cup

Following the trend, but also the need to reduce single-use cups, Coffee Island presents the first edible cup in the form of a cookie...

Vikos Cola: New Can and Glass Packaging

The Epirus Bottling Industry Vikos SA presented their new packaging in the category of soft drinks. The first product that underwent the change is VIKOS Cola...