Monday, June 17, 2024
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Greek fruit and vegetable exports

Exports: Pressure on the fruit and vegetable sector

The Red Sea crisis affects the international trade of goods, impacting the fruit and vegetable sector, namely citruses, strawberries...
Ouzo Plomari

Ouzo Plomari Welcomes Summer

One of the best selling Greek Ouzo brands, Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis, recently presented its new campaign.
Siris Craft Brewery

New Awards for Siris Craft Brewery

Voreia means north in Greek, and the name Siris Craft Brewery, based in Serres, Northern Greece, gave its best selling beer collection. In 2024, for yet another year, Siris Craft Brewery took part at Greek Beer Awards...
Kriton Artos Awarded Bakery Products

Four new Awards for Kriton Artos products

Great products always find a way to make their voice heard, and numerous taste competitions aim at exactly that: to reward companies for best practices and R&D...
Olympos itqi awards

Olympos: 6 more iTQi Superior Taste Awards in 2024

Given the harsh competition between brands from all over the world, International Awards at any field are an undoubtable token of quality...



Kardasis Distillery: Aegean Distilled Dry Gin

Gin is a drink much loved worldwide, and Greece especially, since it is the base of great, refreshing cocktails, befitting the warm Mediterranean climate.

Voidomatis Rainbow Trout: Smoked Trout Filet

The Voidomatis Rainbow Trout company, one of the leading Greek companies in the field, presented during the FOOD EXPO 2024 the smoked fillet of Voidomatis river trout in beech wood.

Belle Meat: Bellecious

Belle Meat, one of largest meat companies in Greece enriches its product range with the new super tasty line of Pre-Cooked Bellecious products.

Helios: Zero Food Waste Semolinas

Sustainability is not only about recycling, or saving energy. Zero Food Waste, an important philosophy...

Black Garlic

Black Garlic DownVillage produces high quality nutritional black garlic products, from black garlic cultivated in Pelion, Central Greece.

Loukoumi Kouteris

Loukoumi is one of the most well known and loved traditional Greek sweet delights, loved by generations of Greeks, young and old alike. The...