Friday, July 12, 2024
Vitamin Water by Minoa Water - Ambrosia Magazine

Minoa Water: New Vitamin Waters

Minoa Water introduces the first vitamin-enhanced waters in paper packaging, featuring a sustainable design, rich in vitamins and minerals, and completely free from additives, preservatives, and sugar.
Malagousia Greek Wine Variety - Ambrosia Magazine

Ktima Gerovassiliou: New Wines

Ktima Gerovassiliou showcased its latest wines, highlighted significant vineyard expansion and investment, and reported substantial sales growth and strong export performance in 2023.
EPSA Cannabis Refreshment

EPSA presents a natural refreshment from cannabis

EPSA, one of the leaders in the production of soft drinks in Greece, has just launched a new product. You Cann is a sugar-free, balanced...
Helios biodegradable straws

Biodegradable semolina straws from Helios Pasta

Who said Greek businesses do not invest in R&D? Rather, the food industry in Greece remains among the country’s most rapidly evolving sectors...
Potato Bun by Select Bakery

Select Bakery presents the Potato Bun Scored

According to Greek brand Select Bakery, the hottest food trend for 2020 is none other than a bun. Not, however, an ordinary bun but one full of flavor...
Rhoeco - organic herbal tea

Drink it, plant it! Organic herbal tea blends by Rhoeco

Rhoeco is a brand name inspired by the Greek words for “flow”, “ecology” and “cooperation”. Rhoeco was created in 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece...
Megas Yeeros - Meatless Burger

New, “Mega Meatless” from Megas Yeeros

Megas Yeeros, the No1 yeeros producer in the world, introduces the new “Mega Meatless” product range, with “alternative” to meat offerings.
Roots Non alcoholic vermouth

Roots Divino, the world’s first non-alcoholic vermouth

Just recently, Roots launched for the first time and after 1.5 years of intensive R&D two new products...
Eleia olive oil

Eleia: 3 new flavored olive oils

Following the international trends, Eleia, a Greek olive oil company from the Peloponnese, is about to launch three new olive oil offerings.
Eurimac Spaghetti Express 2'

Spaghetti Express 2’ from Eurimac

Eurimac SA, breaks ground once more, confirming its leadership among other Greek pasta exporting companies, with the ready in 2 minutes, Spaghetti Express 2’.