Helios: Zero Food Waste Semolinas

Helios Zero Food Waste Semolinas

Sustainability is not only about recycling, or saving energy. Zero Food Waste, an important philosophy in which many brands are engaging during the last few years, is also an important aspect. Helios, the major Greek pasta company, presented two new products within this aspect during the last FOODEXPO 2024.
Fine Semolina 340g and Coarse Semolina 340g are the company’s introduction to the Zero Food Waste philosophy. The new packaging contains exactly the amount needed by the average consumer to prepare a recipe, so there is no unused amount of product as a leftover. Consumers can prepare milkpies, cakes, creams, but also a wide range of Greek traditional recipes such as galaktompoureko, seker pare, isli, melomacarona or create your own fresh pasta. Fine Semolina can also be used to bread fried foods, as semolina gives a golden color, light and crispy crust and withstands high temperatures, without compromising the taste.