Friday, September 22, 2023
Heritage diets are the future. They are simple, clean, healthy food; and the Cretan Diet is exceptionally so.
Very close, and yet so far: a market with complex administrative procedures, Bulgaria constitutes an interesting exporting destination for Greek brands and companies, yet demanding of a local partner who can guide them through.
Berries - Friets Program

Berries Insider

As unlikely as it may sound, we could eat some otherwise sensitive fruit, like strawberries and blackberries all year long. The innovative European project FRIETS shows us how this could be implemented.
Being a country with similar diet and culinary habits to Greece, and a major agricultural country itself, Spain is not easy to penetrate. Nonetheless, good price, targeted advertising and small promotional actions towards middle and upper level Spanish consumers can be key for the success of Greek F&B products to the Spanish market.
The Hellenic Coffee Association outlines the profile of the Greek coffee consumer and highlights issues and factors that determine the domestic coffee market...

Dakos rules

Greece, with one of the most popular traditional salads, Dakos, took first place in the TasteAtlas list of Best rated Salads in the world, while five other Greek salads also made it in the top50...
Cyprus is a country with many things in common with Greece. So many in fact, that one often tends to forget that it is an entirely different country. Primarily, though, Cyprus is an important exporting destination for many Greek...
Spanakopita (spinach pie), the most famous and loved Greek pie has a long history in the Mediterranean Cuisine.
Statistics don’t lie: 33 to 40 percent of the world’s food, that is an estimated $600 billion worth of food, is lost or wasted during or just after harvest every year.
Japan is a country where retail sales in the food and beverage market are estimated at a whooping 400 billion euros, while its low food self-sufficiency makes it a major importing destination.