Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Being one of Europe’s largest markets, with a vast, yet knowledgeable consumer body, Germany is a dream market for many exporters, yet a highly demanding one, given the fact that local agents, as well as major retail chains, have concrete expectations in terms of quantities and production stability.
Who could ever doubt the value of Greek Cheeses? Weather the criteria is the nutritional value, the taste, or their power as an important exporting product of the Greek f&b industry, PDO cheeses from all over Greece have earned their seat at the table.
The history of halva spans millennia and continents – it is served across South and West Asia, North Africa, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Jewish world.
South Korea, one of the fastest growing developed countries in the world and the 10th largest economy in the world (4th in Asia) is a dream market for every food exporter, since Koreans tend to spend more on nonessential...
Mr. Michalis Charokopos, Head of the Economic and Commercial Affairs Office Embassy of Greece in Zagreb, talks to Ambrosia Magazine about the excellent reputation Greek food and beverage products enjoy among Croatian consumers, giving the essential tips and tricks to enter the Croatian market.
For every traditional kitchen there is a dish (or more) that is intrinsically linked to the core of the people, their deepest mentality and mindset, a dish that resonates with their culture, not the intellectual one, but the everyday.

Pasta Lovers Unite

As the Export Director at Eurimac SA, one of the leading f&b companies in Greece, Mr. Sven van Asperen talks to Ambrosia Magazine about innovation, sustainability, and the way our rich culinary tradition transforms to experience, benefiting Greek f&b brands.
Undoubtedly one of the most high end markets to enter, not only in Europe, but worldwide, and with a complex retail system, consisting of a local, a regional and a national level, France is a challenge in itself for prospect exporters, the main one being the consistency in covering the demand.
From trahanas to makarounes to striftoudia and chylopites, Greek pasta is as diverse as it is delicious. No wonder the whole world knows of its superior quality.
Mr. Apostolos Michalopoulos, director of the central Economic & Commercial Affairs Office in Athens talks to Ambrosia Magazine about the added value of the Greek F&B sector and its key role as a major exporting product.