The Feta cheese Interprofessional body has become reality

Feta cheese - Interprofessional Organization
From the meeting of Mr. Makis Voridis, Minister of Rural Development and Food, with representatives of institutional bodies

The negotiations to create the Hellenic Feta Cheese Interprofessional Organization were finally brought to a successful conclusion. After a long meeting between the relevant bodies and the Minister of Food & Rural Development, Mr Makis Voridis, a new Board of Directors has been established, with four seats covered by the Association of Milk & Dairy Products and one seat by the cheese producers of Thessaly, the Eco-Management Network of Feta Products-Byproducts, the Hellenic Livestock Association, the Panhellenic Association of Livestock Breeders, and the Federation of Livestock Associations and Livestock Breeders of Thessaly, respectively.

Mr Giannis Vitalis will head the Organization

Chairman of the Interprofessional Organization will be the Vice President of the Dodoni dairy industry, Mr Giannis Vitalis, who stated that “After years of effort, we have come to a conclusion that serves all parties involved. The result is positive for the creation of the Interprofessional Organization. However, we still have a long way to go until we see the results of the venture we signed today. The agreement signed by the parties, states, inter alia, that all files submitted to date will be withdrawn, and a new one will be created with a detailed analysis of the Board of Directors and the general meeting.”

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Photo Credits: Ministry of Rural Development and Food