A Greek win at the 6th European Congress of Young Farmers

European Young Farmers
Mr Pavlos Tsakiris from Neochorouda in Thessaloniki, Greece

A significant distinction for Greece took place at the 6th European Congress of Young Farmers, after one of the event’s three awards was presented to a Greek young farmer. In fact, more than 200 young farmers from 21 EU member states took part in the competition. At the European Young Farmers Prize 2020 competition, which was held along with the Congress on December 10, Environmentally-Sustainable Champion in farming was crowned Mr Pavlos Tsakiris from Neochorouda in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Mr Tsakiris’ business, which produces organic eggs and cereals, was awarded for adopting and implementing environmental and climatic practices in the field, contributing to the ongoing conservation regarding biodiversity and ecosystems. The Tsakiris Family business is a family-owned company that has worked in the agricultural and food industry since 1963 in Greece’s Central Macedonia.

Following his win, Mr Tsakiris noted in a press statement on his business’ website that “because of our hard work, our constant need to offer high-quality products as well as the love for what we do, we have managed to achieve this great recognition together.”

A prestigious award

The president of the Panhellenic Union of Young Farmers (PENA), Mr Nikos Pavlonasios, stated that “it is a great honor for Greece and for PENA in particular. The Young Farmers of our country aim high. This award should be an example for other farmers in Greece.”

The Winners were selected by a 5-member committee, which consisted of: Mr Norbert Lins, EP AGRI Committee Chair, Mr Pierre Bascou, Director DG AGRI European Commission, Mr Jannes Maes, President of CEJA, Mr Pekka Pesonen, Secretary-General COPA-COGECA, and Mr Thierry de l’Escaille, Secretary-General ELO.

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